Biking in Big Sky

mountain biking in Big Sky, Montana

Mountain biking is a popular summer pastime in Big Sky, Montana, and with the miles of picturesque backcountry scenery, diverse wildlife, wildflower-filled meadows, and few human encounters, it’s easy to see why. Big Sky Resort is the only destination in the area with downhill trails accessible by chairlift, but the surrounding mountain landscape is etched with hundreds of miles of more casual trails waiting to be explored.

Power up rocky terrain, navigate through dense wooded land, or sail around winding curves in the intermediate to advanced trails at Big Sky Resort. Each track is expertly designed to be both challenging and rewarding with multiple series of jumps, drops, and high berms.

The Big Sky area has trail to accommodate riders of all skill levels. Sports outfitters and retailers can supply all equipment and rentals needed for an enjoyable and safe ride through the densely forested landscape. So give these trails a try, and experience the unique charm of Big Sky’s wide outdoors.

Trails in the Big Sky Resort:

Moose Tracks

This simple single-track trail cuts through the middle of Andesite’s forested area and finishes with a scenic ride that follows along the river and back to the chairlift.

Revenge (race trail)

This trail should only be attempted by experienced riders as it consists of a tough single-track mixed with rock and log drops. The trail is completed with a series of ladder jumps.


Pacifier is an access road that allows bike riders to find the simplest way down. Be sure to watch out for all the run offs and to take it slow around the many winding corners.


This intermediate trail follows directly below the chairlift and allows direct access to the bike park. Riding the overhead chairlift provides a great opportunity to snap some pictures.


The trail starts with a steep entrance immediately followed by a number of jumps which allow you to push up your confidence level. Continue on through the flow of berms to drop into a smoothed out landing area.

Blue Room

Blue Room, the result of collaboration between Big Sky Resort and Leverich Canyon trail builders, is the most popular trail at the resort with recently introduced features such as jumps and waist-high bank turns.


Riding this intermediate trail is a great way to get a feel for the conditions on the mountain. Ride through the bermed treeline to build up speed until you sail through to the bottom.

War Dance

War Dance is an expert level course that winds down steep pitches and around high bank turns. The end of the trail features optional cliff drops for an extra boost of excitement.